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The last conspiracy

THE LAST CONSPIRACY is danish footwear and accessories brand who develops functional and essential footwear, with a proud artistic post-modern legacy. Each collection is built on the premises of experimental progress, allowing for new treatments and construction processes. Authentic shoemakers first and design studio second, they are ambiguous explorers of modern waders.

THE LAST CONSPIRACY set out to provide quality artisan footwear, items withstanding any test of time, imbued by the sense of history. Each pair is handmade in Portugal with profound attention to details, thus imprinted with a personal connection between shoemaker and wearer. This selective process is conducted with patience, wilfulness and mindful purpose. Against a contrasting backdrop shaped by a continuous dialogue between Portuguese craftsmanship and Nordic minimalism.

Realism is subject to structure, provided by our surroundings and individualistic interaction. Pensive, yet defiant we tread onto urbane settings, calmly immersed in inner reflection. Evermore, humans remain solitary wanderers, comfortably equipped with sartorial anticipation.

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