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Preach is German menswear and womenswear brand. They describe themselves as a challenge, a challenge to show your true character. A challenge to express your personality, self-confidently and self-evidently. A challenge to free yourself from external constraints and go your own way - directly, creatively, progressively, unconventionally and with an experimental and curious spirit.

Selected materials, careful skilled craftsmanship and innovative approaches to cuts and construction make up the basis for Preach. Flowing fabrics and asymmetrical cuts that contrasts with the natural colours and textures. Unexpected breaks define the looks, who are anything but predictable.

The result are styles for people that don't necessarily fit in the regular norm, nor have the interest to do so. Strong personalities whoe strive to achieve their goals, without compromising. People that don't follow trends, but rather interpret them individually. Multilayered characters who polarise, who are much more than just a facade. Just like PREACH.

PREACH is more than fashion.

PREACH is an attitude.  

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