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Leon Louis is a small, independent artisan danish label based in Aarhus, Denmark. Leon Louis always explores the merits of conventionalism versus great innovation. The dark silhouette implies to intimidation. Cloaked garments, wrapping the individualistic bearers in natural fabrics subjected to artisanal craftsmanship is reflected by the sheer feel of lush simplicity.

"A distant traveller sighs at the sight of the glowing meadows, years have passed, weary by passed time and frail expressions, his tormented soul presses on. Shadow-like figures accompanies him, feasting on his wondrous essence, for no one shall breathe the light of day without his consent. Flowing rains shuns his prevalence, further restricting him to his expressive motioning era."

The Leon Louis traveller values personal expression and the current patina of travelling garment throughout our lives, without for that sake compromising on wearability. The brand allows for individual interaction with quality natural fabrics. Such selected fabrics will be subjected to altered compositions, allowing them to become one with their righteous bearers, illusory through elegant movements and the ever so prone test of immortal times.  

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