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aleksandr manamïs

The raison d'étre behind Aleksandr Manamïs can be found in the true merit of controlled effortlessness. The exemplary rather languid layering alludes to elegant simplicity, whereas illusive and at times hidden details confront the bearer asutely. Henceforth, the sculpted silhouette insinuates a form of opacity similar to the one found in the human mind. The collections combine such elements of guised draping fused with an array of bespoke fits, to underline the versatility of the carefully selected garments.

The characteristic colour palette is dominated by dark shades of grey, black and sands, for both the summer and winter collections. Furthermore, prints will very rarely be found on Aleksandr Manamis garments. Contrarily, the styles and silhouettes are subjected to the desire retaining the complexity of the intricate details as a clear focal point. Hence, immaculate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship shape the true signature look and the feel of what became and is Aleksandr Manamïs.

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